How to Set up and Manage Users

Everything you need to know about types of users and how to add/manage them


Eduvision offers a number of types of users so you can easily and effectively provide just the amount of responsibility you want each person on your team to have while using Eduvision.

From a site administrator, who can manage everything about your Eduvision portal, to a viewer, who can just view your content, you have a number of choices that provide flexibility and simplicity while maintaining appropriate security for your portal and your content.

Each user type is described, fully, below.

Types of users in Eduvision


Watch the video on the right to learn how to add users At the top Eduvision Tab Bar: Admin–User Management–Create User Select one of the four types of users you want to add:

  • Site Administrator
  • Channel Manager
  • Contributor
  • Viewer

(see more about each of these types of users in the descriptions, below) Type in the requested information and you are done adding your user.


Admin–User Management–Edit User Select the user you want to edit, change the information and click Update User

Eduvision Site Administrator Role


A Site Administrator can manage the entire site.  This means they can set up the site, create any type of user or channel, review and approve any video title on the site, assign Channel Managers to channels, manage live events, and overall, manage the account.  There can be more than one Site Administrator for your Eduvision portal.

Eduvision Channel Manager Role


Channel and Video Management

A CM manages one or more channels within your Eduvision portal.  Channels can also be referred to as “VOD” or “Video on Demand” channels, which distinguishes them from a live broadcast channel if you have that enabled on your Eduvision system.  For the most part, just think of them as channels, like you would on TV.

A CM can upload videos to any VOD Channel, whether it’s a channel they manage or whether someone else manages that channel.  If they manage the channel, the video will be automatically “Approved” and will be immediately viewable on Eduvision.  If someone else manages that channel they uploaded to, that CM will need to approve the video before it is viewable.

The CM is responsible for the “Review and Approve” process for any title added to one of their channels.  When a new video is uploaded to a channel the CM is assigned to manage, that CM is informed by automated email.  The CM can then log in, review the video and either approve or delete it.  They can also edit the title’s metadata, replace the video content, delete, mark private, set passwords, etc..  The CM also has one-click access to the email of the person who uploaded the video if they want to send that person a message.

When the video is approved or unapproved, the person who uploaded the video is sent an email notice automatically.

User Management

CM’s can add Contributors to Eduvision



Eduvision Advanced Channel Manager Role


The ACM has all the rights of a Channel Manager (CM) with the additional privilege of being able to create additional Sub-Channels within their assigned channel(s).  Sub-channels can only be one level deep.  (Coming Soon:  ACMs will be able to also select or create CMs and assign them to the Sub-Channels they create).

Since a channel can hold either videos or sub-channels, if you intend for the CM to be able to add more sub-channels, be sure to create the first sub channel for them.

Important:  Once a video is added to a channel, sub-channels cannot be created within that channel.


Eduvision Contributor Role


A Contributor can upload only video files and thumbnails to any channel in your system.

Contributor uploads are held in the private back end of the site until the assigned CM or SA approves them for public online access.  Once their contribution has been made, they cannot access the file or edit the metadata.

A Contributor can be upgraded to a “Trusted User”.  If they are TU status, at the end of their upload, they will be allowed to copy any of the video player direct links and embed codes available for that title.  Just like any other Contributor, even those with TU status are unable to access the file or edit the metadata once the upload is complete.



Eduvision Registered Viewer Role


If you enable your Viewer Contribution Channel (VCC) feature, and assign at least one of your channels to accept VCC content, your viewers will be able to “self-register” to create their own RV account and upload videos to the specifically designated VCC channel(s).




Eduvision Viewer Role


A viewer is someone without login privileges who can view approved titles in your site.

For example, if you provide a viewer with a direct link to one of your videos, they can view it.  This allows you to provide view access to anyone you choose.