Upload a Video

Upload your very first video!


to learn how to upload a video. If you’ve ever upload a video to YouTube, Facebook, etc… you’ll find this is just as easy, but with many more options available to you


In the Top Menu Bar:

Admin–Video Management–Upload Video

Select a channel for your video.  If you need a new channel, click on Add New Channel at the top right of the box

Add a Video Title and Video Description – this makes it easy to find your video (required fields)

Add Unpublished Keywords if you like (optional) – this can make it easy for a student to look for a particular teacher or class or subject

Video Upload – click on Browse and select your video

Select Thumbnail File – optional.  Eduvision will automatically assign a thumbnail (a small picture from your video which will be displayed on your portal).  If you want to create your own, create a jpeg, jpg, gif or png 176x96 pixels.   If you don’t know what that means or don’t have tools for this, no worries.  You don’t have to do anything!

Click on Save/Upload Changes – the system will tell you when the upload is complete



Post Upload Options

You can manage everything about your video here


to learn how to use the many post-upload options available, such as uploading associated files, sharing your video and other options such as making a video private.

When your video has complete uploading, you will be presented with a page of options for managing your video.

Upload Associated Document

A great feature is the ability to upload documents that go with your video.   It might be a homework assignment, some resources, other videos,  or anything you like, up to 5 documents.  Just give it a title and description, browse to your document and click Save Changes

Direct Link and Embed Codes

You can embed your video on a blog or website, or you can use direct links to let your audience find and watch your video.  This will be covered in detail in Step 6 – Share Your Video

Other Options

  • You can Approve the video by clicking the box (it may be already approved, depending on your level).
  • You can mark a video Private by clicking the box.  This means that your video will not be displayed on the portal and can only be found and accessed if you share the link to it.
  • You can add a Password for your video for additional protection.
  • You can make your video Available From a beginning date to an ending date.  Just click the boxes and select dates.
  • You can choose whether to Display Associated Documents – if clicked, a link to Associated Documents will show under your video
  • You can choose to Allow Public Download – this will place a download button at the top left of the video when the user scrolls to that part of the screen and allow them to download your video.

Click on Save Changes



 Terrific.  Now Go Share Your Video!

Click Here to Go to Step 6 - Share Your Video