Tips on Where and How to Share Your Videos

You created your video -- now it's time to share it!




Video is a great way to engage your readers.  People are attracted to video and are encouraged to watch.


You can embed your video – the best way to get them interested in watching it.  Be sure to also add a large thumb that can help them understand why they might want to watch.  Generally, it’s a good idea to match the size of the thumb to the largest embedded video size you will be using.

You can refer to your video in a text link that will show your video

You can also have your video show as an overlay or pop up video on your page.


Email is a great way to connect with your audience and keep them engaged by providing interesting and useful videos.

The safest way to ensure your readers can and will watch it is with a text link that links to your video.  This is safest because some people still do not want HTML emails or emails with pictures.  You just need to know your audience.

You can embed a video on email, but just know that many email providers will not show the embedded video.  If you want the look of an embedded video that email providers will show, you can simply add a picture with a play button on it and add a direct link to your video to the picture.  It would be best also to have the video link open in a new tab.

Social Media

It’s easy to share your video on social media and it’s a very engaging way to connect with your audience.

Again, you can use a simple text link.

You can add the direct link, especially useful in a Tweet.  You can shorten your link by going to

You can generally upload a video to go with your post/tweet/whatever

Automated Options

If you use some email systems, such as Robly, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc., they offer the option to add your email directly to your Facebook or Twitter accounts and also to your blog.