Setup and Customize Eduvision

You can customize Eduvision with your own banner and colors



to learn how to setup your Site Details for your organization in just a few quick minutes

Log into your Eduvision site

Check your email for your site URL, userid and password and log in

Find Admin on the top banner

From the Drop Down, pick Site Management and then Site Details

Site Information

This will be the first tab you see.  This is easy–the information has already been provided when you signed up, so most likely you just need to review and make any changes you want.   Now, go to the next tab:

Optional Features

At this point, you probably want to just leave this page alone.  If you want full documentation on these options and features, download the PDF (see the button to the right) to learn more about these features and how you can use them.

Live Details

Again, at this point, you will probably want to just leave this page alone.  You will find more detail on live event management in the help in that section.  (Coming soon!)  For help now, you can click Help on the top right of the menu bar.



Site Theme



to learn how to setup your Site Theme–a customized banner, background color and other goodies that will make your site all your own


In the Top Menu Bar

Select:  Admin–Site Management–Site Theme


First Tab: Site Theme

Here you can do nothing for now or if you like, you can upload a custom banner that works for your organization.  It can include a logo, a tagline, pictures–anything you like.  The size should be 870px by 100px.  Click Update You can also pick a background color for your site–just click the color you like on the wheel.  You can preview it to make sure you like it.  Click Update if you have changed anything.

The other three tabs:

You really don’t need to address these at this point.  You will find more information on these tabs in the advanced help for this topic.

Congratulations, You Are Done with Setup!

Now click on the button and set up users for your Eduvision portal.  Let’s get your team up and running.

Click Here to Go to Step 3 - Create Users