Set Up Some Channels

Once you have added channels, you are ready to start uploading videos



to learn how to add channels to Eduvision.  Channels can be for anything, like a particular teacher, a 5th grade Math class, a topic, anything that helps you manage and find your content.

To provide flexibility, videos can be assigned to multiple channels, so you’re never stuck with an initial configuration.


In the Top Menu Bar:

Admin–Channel Management–Create Channel

You are a Site Administrator and can create channels.  If you want others to be able to create channels, you can add people as Site Administrators (keep this a small, trusted number) or an Advanced Channel Manager.

To create a new channel, click in the Channel Manager box and select one of the Channel Managers listed (since you are just setting up Eduvision, you will be the only one listed).  Click in the Channel Name box and enter the name of the channel

Click Add a Subchannel

You want to add one or more sub-channels at this time–this sets your channel up so you can add as many subchannels as you like later.  Example, you might have a Math Channel with a sub-channel for each math class or each teacher.  Note that Channel Managers can add Sub-Channels so you don’t have to do this yourself moving forward.


Click Save

Congrats–You are Now Ready to Upload Videos!

Click Here to Go to Step 5--Upload Video