File Formats and Processing

All you need to know about file formats and how Eduvision processes your video


Key information about the file formats you can use in Eduvision


The system currently accepts flv, f4v, mp4, wmv, mov, avi, m4a, m4v, mts, vob & mpg video formats.

Non-mp4 files will be converted automatically (transcoded) into the mp4 format to support the average viewer’s broadband connection and playback on most systems and devices.  (All devices are supported).

Transcoding requires some processing time following the upload.  The average processing time is just a few minutes but please be aware multi-hour titles or files larger than 1GB will require additional processing time.  More on this topic under “file processing”.

Eduvision video file formats

We have worked hard to make uploading easy, have been told many times that we “nailed easy.”


The system will automatically extract a thumbnail from your uploads,18 seconds from the beginning of your file.

However, you can upload your own image if desired.  The image file should be jpg/gif; with recommended dimensions of 174x96 pixels, compressed to 2 or 3kb.

The system will accept up to 100kb per thumbnail but the smaller the file size, the faster your page will load.

Video thumbnails in Eduvision


This is the banner that appears at the top of your stand-alone video portal.  If you embed the site into your own web page, this banner is not visible to your viewers.

This graphic should be jpg/gif; recommended size: 870x100 pixels.  If you need some help creating or loading your site logo, contact us.  We’d be glad to assist.


Eduvision Portal Banner


More information about how Eduvision processes your video


Like any video management system, Eduvision requires a short bit of time to process your video and make it available for viewing.

The length of time will vary depending on the length of your title, conversion requirements, etc.  It may require the actual duration of the title to process.

This back end processing time starts after you receive the “Upload Green Message of Success”.

You can check the process status by logging in as a Systems Administrator or Channel Manager.

Admin – Asset Management – Review/Approve Assets

The newest uploads will appear at the top of the page, with their processing status.