Embedding Your VIdeos into Blackboard Learn

Ever experienced problems embedding large files in Blackboard Learn? Eduvision Makes it Easy!

Embedding Eduvision Videos into
Blackboard Learn

Uploading large files directly to your Blackboard Learn course can be problematic, requires lots of space and playback can be jittery.

Eduvision can help, since Eduvision “transcodes” uploaded videos to help maximize their internet playback success on computers and mobile devices.  Additionally, using Eduvision reduces Blackboard storage requirements and allows Blackboard to serve up your courses more robustly.

Since videos are usually large files, it is recommended that you do not try to upload them directly into Blackboard Learn.  After uploading to Eduvision, you can embed the video into your course site so students can view it within your Blackboard Learn course page.

Copying an embed code from Eduvision and Pasting that code into an “Item” is as easy as it gets.

Embed your video into Blackboard with Eduvision
Embed Eduvision video into Blackboard
Eduvision video embed into Blackboard

The Process

After your video is uploaded into Eduvision, you can access the “Embed Code”.

This can be found a couple of ways…

  • At the end of the upload, under Embed Codes
  • After upload, you can  find the embed code after logging in under “Admin – Asset Management – Review/Approve Asset”, search for the video you want, Click the “Codes” link to the right of the title.  Click the “Embed/Overlay” tab.

Using the “Embedded Player” option, pick the size player you want from the drop-down list, click “Generate Code” and copy the code to your clipboard

Embedding Your Video into Blackboard Learn

  • In your Blackboard Learn course, make sure the “Edit Mode” is On.
  • Choose the “Content Area” you’d like to embed your Eduvision video.
  • Mouse over the “Build Content” button; under “Create”, choose “Item”.
  • On the “Create Item” page, enter a name for the video.
  • In the “Content Editor”, click the “HTML” icon.
  • In the “HTML Code View” window, paste the embed code and click “Update”, then click “Submit”.
  • You can now play the embedded video to be sure it works correctly.

As long as the video is in the “approved” state, it will now play on your Blackboard Learn page.

Embed Eduvision video into Blackboard Learn course